Reusable Coffee Cup 12/16oz

Save the planet a cup at a time with the Olympia Bamboo Reusable Cup. Made from hardwearing, sustainably sourced bamboo fibre, it's environmentally friendly yet supremely practical, able to be popped in the dishwasher after use for quick and easy cleaning.

The silicone sleeve protects users' hands from burns, and the silicone lid features a drip-proof stopper, ideal for drinking your morning coffee on the go.

With sustainability more important to customers than ever, it's the perfect alternative to disposable coffee cups. And thanks to its BPA and phthalate-free design, it's as good for you as it is the planet!

12oz Cup Product features

  • Capacity 340ml | 12oz
  • Dimensions 130(H) x 95(Ø)mm | 5(H)" x 3¾(Ø)"
  • Material Bamboo Fibre/ Cornstarch & Melamine
  • Weight 114g
  • Colour Black & Brown
  • Helps to reduce the consumption of single-use cups
  • Made with natural, sustainably sourced bamboo fibre
  • Silicone non-drip lid and heat sleeve
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA and phthalate free
  • Do not use in a microwave

16oz Cup size features

  • Capacity 455ml | 16oz
  • Dimensions 130(H) x 84(Ø)mm | 5(H)" x 3¼(Ø)"
  • Weight 125g

How are bamboo coffee cups made?

Bamboo cups are made with three ingredients: bamboo fibre, corn starch and melamine. These three elements are mixed together to form a paste, which is then moulded into the shape of a cup and dried. The result is a hardwearing, easily washable and heat resistant cup that won't cost the earth.

Are bamboo coffee cups safe?

Although they contain small amounts of melamine, bamboo coffee cups are deemed safe by the EU, containing melamine levels that are in accordance with EU regulation No 10. 2011 - a ruling that seeks to maintain the very highest standards of food safety throughout Europe. There have been some concerns in the media over the possibility of harmful elements contained in melamine seeping into hot beverages served in bamboo cups. However, this has been disproved. The bamboo fibre used to make bamboo cups is also BPA and phthalate free, making it safer than many plastic drink containers.

Are bamboo coffee cups environmentally friendly?

We use a mammoth 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups a year. Anything that reduces the amount we send to landfill, therefore, could be deemed to be environmentally friendly (or at least environmentally friendlier). But bamboo coffee cups do much more for the planet than simply cut our waste output. Made from sustainably sourced bamboo - which, as a plant, does not die when cut, and grows up to two feet a day - they're much more eco-friendly than traditional coffee cups from the off. Secondly, bamboo cups can be reused. If even a third of us switched to reusable cups, we'd save 834 MILLION cups from landfill a year in the UK alone!

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