Only 4 ingredients and no baking required!


150g Lotus Biscoff biscuits

400g white chocolate

100g Lotus Biscoff spread

1 tin condensed milk


1. Put the condensed milk and the white chocolate in a bowl and heat in the microwave on HIGH for 40 seconds. Stir and heat again for a further 40 seconds.

2. Add 50g Biscoff spread to the bowl, stir and heat for a final 40 seconds.

3. Add 150g of the broken Lotus Biscoff biscuit pieces and mix well.

4. Transfer to a lined baking tin. Top with more biscuits and drizzle over the remaining spread (melt in microwave for 30 secs to make it easier to drizzle).

5 Chill overnight in fridge.

6. Cut into squares and enjoy!